November 14, 2015

The birth of Raja Kattaleya Medina.

Monday 2/11/2015
39 weeks, 1 day

We were scheduled for 9.25am check-up with Prof Han. We were late because I thought it was 9.45am. So upon reaching, I did the usual routine check-up (urine, blood pressure and weight).

10am-ish: During the routine check-up, I realised I lost 600g which I didn't think it was possible because I was eating as per normal. Then it was our turn with Prof Han who of course was concern over the weight loss. He asked if I experienced any labour symptoms which I did in the middle of the night. I felt contractions-like but I thought it was braxton hicks and I was too tired so I managed to sleep it off. Then he started doing the thing where he "weighs" RKM using his hands and said that baby lost weight too and is about 2.9kg. He started doing scan, in which he said my water level also dropped. It was still okay but dropped quite a fair bit which made him check for dilation. (Checking for dilation is where he put his fingers inside me) Then he said something that made me all scared. He said, "Your cervix is open. You are 3cm dilated. Today can deliver. You check in to delivery suite upstairs and I break your water bag." Both Baobei and I were like... hahaha, words really cannot describe because only 4 days ago my cervix was shut and now I am ready to deliver? Prof Han asked if I had anything to eat which I haven't because we were late then he asked if I wanted to go home and shower first (I already mandi okay, just didn't wear make-up haha) which I said YES! I wanted to go home and let reality sink in first. So Prof Han asked me to go home, shower, have something light (because I may puke) and check in after lunch.

Came out of the room, called Mama. She didn't pick up. I called Baba and told him what Prof Han said, in which he said, "Allamdulilah." Haha. I called Mama again and asked her if she wants to join us for lunch which she said no because she has a lot of things to do then I said, "No mom, you need to come with us for lunch. After that I have to check-in to delivery suite already." Mama panicked! Haha.

We went home so I could shower again (and also wash my hair) and picked Mama up. Came out from the toilet and saw Baobei on the bed, with ear phones plugged in. God knows what he was thinking, so I didn't want to disturb him. Got changed while Baobei washed up.

I sat down and looked at my tummy since it was the last time before I popped!
I rubbed and said, "I can't wait to see you. I will miss this but I can't wait to see you."

Baobei came out, and we packed other nitty gritty things for hospital stay. Before we went out the room, we hugged each other. It was the kind where require no words, just needed to be in each other's arms. We hugged for awhile then he kissed my forehead, and I realised we were both crying as we were both scared of what is about to follow. I love my husband you know? He is the most amazing person.

We decided to have Coffee Bean for lunch at Novena Square. All 3 of us were nervous, but it was a nice meal before I delivered. Mama was assuring me that everything will be okay. Then we headed to KKH for my check-in.

12pm-ish: I know this year is SG50 but seriously, the labour ward was full. I was not having any contractions so I was still okay and didn't demand for a room. The nurse on duty said she would call me as soon as a room opens up. So I dragged Baobei to Cheers downstairs to buy sour sweets while Mama sat at the waiting area. 

1pm-ish: We went back to the delivery suite and asked how long more we had to wait. The same nurse couldn't remember me (urgh) and she "lost" my folder which send all the nurses finding for it. Then finally, after back and forth, we got a room. I asked the nurse if it was okay that I speak to Mama first before going in, then she said, "Are you okay? Can you walk? Are you in pain?" I am still contractions-free so I said I am okay. Hugged Mama and told her I love her. I asked her to go home first since the rest of my family were still at work, and I told her that it would take awhile.

The look of it is scary eh?

Baobei loves the chair!

Was told to change out of my clothes (completely naked) and into my white dress!

Baobei's POV.
Lucky 7 or what?

Despite the hiccup earlier on, the nurses at the delivery suite are amazing! Super kind and attentive towards me. We settled down and didn't know what to expect. The doctors on shift attended to me because Prof Han will only come when I am ready to push. They started checking my stats while the nurses prepared to put me on drip. The drip was supposed to help me dilate faster.

After the drip, still no contractions.

3.45pm: Doctor on duty came in and she said she will burst my water bag. TBH, it was very uncomfortable than painful. I always imagined my water bag burst while I was having tuition or shopping outside (very dramatic haha) but no. It was like a sharp, metal thingy that she inserted inside me to burst.  And it didn't help that my water bag was "stubborn" so it took her awhile. But once it burst, it was like waterfall. The nurses would help to change the bedding pad when it became too wet. Haha, so funny.

4.30pm: I started feeling contractions. The contractions felt like my monthly menses cramps which I need panadol active fast to get rid of. It was not too bad. The nurse taught me how to use laughing gas! When I felt the contractions coming in, I started breathing in the laughing gas. Nurse asked if I wanted to take epidural but I refused since it was still bearable. The nurse said my contractions were good so she increased the dose of my drip.

Timed my contractions so I knew when they would be coming.
My contractions were about 1 minute apart, and it would last about 45 seconds.
At this point of time, I was still what'sapping my family, cousins and girlfriends.
They were like, "You can still what'sapp?"

6pm: The contractions became super intense. Like cramps x 1000!!! I started crying because I really couldn't handle the pain. The laughing gas tak load also. Sigh. Baobei held my hands and he kept reciting du'a. He said if I couldn't take the pain, I should just take the epidural and not hold on.  I told him, "Baby I want epidural." He immediately informed the nurse. Actually, the nurse already warned us that if we want epidural last minute, we might have to wait depending how many people ask at the point of time so there might be a waiting list and can wait up til an hour. Also, if you are dilated above 6cm, they will not give you because it will be too risky as you have to be absolutely still when they inject your spine. Doctor checked and I was 4cm dilated, so I was good to go. Alhamdulilah, within 20 minutes the anaesthesiologist came in and they told Baobei to have his dinner and come back in 30-45 minutes. I was made to sit up, the nurse in front of me to make sure my posture was correct and held my hands while the anaesthesiologist used a hugeass needle to poke my spine.

6.40pm: After the whole procedure was done, I feel asleep. Baobei had dinner with my family and some of my relatives who are amazing and stayed despite I was in labour ward (these people are LOVE!). I didn't even realised he came back from dinner.

7.30pm: The nurse came to continue the drip to increase my contractions since I was "doing well".

7.45pm: The nurse came in to insert catheter to drain my pee so I will be labour ready.

8-ish pm: The nurse checked if the epidural was working well. I was numb breasts downwards and thigh upwards. But the only side effects I had during the whole labour was itchiness and shivering, but they were bearable. I could feel the contractions (aka something pushing downwards) but no pain. Alhamdulilah. I was 6cm dilated then.

10-ish pm: The nurse came in and checked my dilation. Then she started preparing the room

I was nervous so I asked, "Am I fully dilated?"

You think?
She said, "Yes, you are. We are just waiting for Prof Han."

So while waiting for Prof Han who was delivering someone else, we had a practice session. For every time I feel like contractions is coming, I have to push like as if I am constipated and want to poop. But only when I felt the contractions coming, if not I will tear and send baby in distress. We had like two rounds of practice until she asked me to stop and asked Baobei to have a look. (At that point I didn't know what was going on, but Baobei later told me that he saw some black stuff but was wondering what it was since I had a brazilian done a few days back haha.) Apparently, it was the baby's head crowning!!! That's why we had to stop practicing!

10.37pm: Prof Han came in and was preparing for labour like covering my legs so Baobei and I can't see and his tools needed. I on the other hand had time to what'sapp my family group chat to say I am fully dilated and that I love them all.

10.37-10.51pm: Prof Han was asking me to push when I felt contractions. After three amazing pushes, she was out. My baby came out!!! As I couldn't feel the pain but contractions only, and although I felt something coming out (had no idea it was the whole of her), I was ready to push for the 4th time when the nurses, Prof Han and Baobei were like "Don't push! She's out already." During the time I was pushing, a malay nurse (Sister) was inside and she was, "Push sayang. Almost there." So nice kan? Baobei later told me that my whole face was red and veins were like popping out on my forehead as I was pushing! Haha. Baobei didn't get to cut the cord because the cord was wrapped around her neck one round! So scary! Luckily we went for a morning check-up! Can't imagine what would happen if she came out later.

10.51pm onwards: The nurse took to measure her. She's 2.906kg and 49cm long! They cleaned her up while Prof Han delivered my placenta, in which we gave instructions for hospital to dispose it for us. I lost about 200ml of blood. Prof Han was stitching me then he asked if I felt any pain. I could feel him tugging and pulling as he was stitching but I still didn't feel pain. It was not a natural tear as he cut me but I didn't manage to ask how many stitches!


We had our skin to skin. It feels so surreal that she's finally out.

My family, Mummy's family and Hafiz who were at the hospital were overjoyed and they were asking for pictures. Then Mama asked if Baobei could sneak her in. I was so happy that Mama and Mummy managed to sneak in and they could see the baby that day itself. It is so amazing to have my mom inside with me and everyone who loved us were outside although they couldn't come in to see me!

They left after that, and Baobei had his alone time

Such an amazing sight!

After an hour of skin to skin, I was brought up to the ward at about 1am. Another side effect I had from the epidural was light headed and migraine on the left side. I was given painkillers and slept, while baby was at the nursery.

Overall, my labour was not too bad. I am glad I took epidural because I wouldn't have endure another 5 hours of contractions. I was lucky that my labour was not that long and when I was fully dilated, I delivered her within 15 minutes. Syukur Alhamdulilah as He kept me and baby safe during the whole ordeal.

Assalamualaikum everyone. 
My name is Raja Kattaleya Medina binte Raja Syahrul Nizam. 
Original: Cattleya / Cataleya 
Spelt: Kattaleya 
Pronunciation: Kat- uh- lay- uh. 
Meaning: A tropical American orchid with purple, pink or white flowers that is a popular greenhouse plant.  
Pronunciation: Muh- dee- nah. 
Meaning: City of the Prophet. In Medina, Mohammed began his campaign to establish Islam. 

Syahrul and I are very blessed to be her parents.
October 30, 2015

The last kopek.

So we are on our last lap of the pregnancy or better known as the waiting game. I was supposed to blog about how much I will not miss pregnancy but I shall not speak too soon until I am done with my pregnancy. Before you say I should feel lucky to even be pregnant or say things like that I am not thankful of the blessing I have been given, please hold that thought until you read my entry.

Let's do my baby updates.

37 weeks 3 days
Raja K. M.'s head is still down, which means natural labour is still in order. There's no need for a planned elective c-section. My water level is also good which means she is happily swimming inside and there's no need to induce. She can stay in as long as she wants (as long as not overdue). Prof Han says it will be anytime between 7 to 10 days!!! Scary mary. Hehehe. She is about 2.8kg which is a good size. Oh, I am 71.6kg, which was not much of an increase from my last check-up so that's good. I am not sure how I am going to lose all these weight but let's save that for another day.

38 weeks 4 days
Raja K. M. is healthy and doing well. Her head is down but I am not sure if that means she is in engaged position. Water level is still good, so that means there's no need to worry still. We can just continue waiting. Hehehe. It is proven that I have been providing a comfortable home for her with all the good food I have been feeding us. She's super active still which can be painful at times. Prof Han also checked for any dilation (painful like crazy!!! belum lagi give birth haha) and my cervix is still closed! So that means a lot of walking the next few days. He also said that there are 4 conditions that I have to go delivery suite immediately.

1) Waterbag leaking/burst.
2) Bleeding.
3) Contractions every 10 mins apart for an hour.
4) Baby's movement decreased by 50%.

She is currently 3.05kg and probably will be 3.2kg when she pops. Her Abi wants her to be 3.3kg so he has been feeding me! And within a week, I am up to 73.1kg. Prof Han says that he will only induce me if I am overdue by 4 days.

The lady whose appointment before me was told that she has to be induced before her EDD because Prof Han thinks her baby is growing too big for her petite frame and if she waits until she reaches full term, she will have a hard time delivering naturally. I have been doing a lot of reading up and induce is more painful than contractions coming naturally. And those who induce, most likely end up with an emergency c-sect after being in labour for more than 24 hours!!!

Well our next check up will be on Monday morning. Let's see if RKM will be nice to pop before that and save us some money from the check-up. Hahaha. I am hoping for a Halloween baby so that we can have fun halloween themed birthday parties for her until she decides that she is too cool to celebrate her birthday with us. Hahaha!

As we didn't manage to do a maternity shoot, I decided on this instead

After 48 hours when putting on the henna,

(IG: @nd_henna

As usual, my little princess was not behaving herself during the henna session. I was embarrassed because she was not just moving once or twice, but kicking here and there too. Baobei says maybe it was ticklish hahaha. The whole thing took slightly less than 2 hours and as per usual, we had so much to talk about! So happy that I got Nadya to be part of my pregnancy journey after choosing her for my wedding henna. In Shaa Allah, many more projects between us. Her patience and professionalism... amazing. So please do have a look at her portfolio.

A lot of mummies are telling me to enjoy our alone time before RKM pops, so Baobei and I have been going for dates. Not necessarily to buy her stuff but to stuff our face with food (which explains my weight gain!!!). So happy that I am finally free from work commitments and Baobei is clearing his leave to have this time. I am also working on Klothes by Katt during my free time. I have been doing lots of homework and have been talking to my girl cousins as well as my closest friends to get their opinions.

December is my meeting with my co-designer to finalise our first 3 kollections.

This is us at exactly 38 weeks.

I haven't had any false labour or better known as Braxton Hicks. Or maybe I am oblivious. I am super excited to meet my princess but I am seriously scared of this whole labour thing. I am pulling my body apart, I know that. But there are tons of women who go through it every day, so I know that I can do it too. But you know I will share you every excruciating detail of my labour right? Hehe.

Here's my birth plan: 
1) Natural labour, with laughing gas,
2) Epidural will be only be given when asked,
3) Emergency c-section should only be recommended if my or RKM's life is in danger,
4) Baobei will cut the cord when it stops pulsating,
5) After all necessary checks and cleaning RKM up, I would like to have skin on skin touch with her.
6) I am planning to breastfeed her so I would like nurse with experience or lactation consultation to come up to the ward to ensure RKM latches on correctly. Please do not introduce formula milk without Baobei's or my knowledge,
7) For any procedures to be done for RKM like injection etc, either Baobei or my parents are present for the procedure,
8) I will like the hospital to discard my placenta and everything else. Baobei and I have made a decision to not bury it or whatever.

Please keep me and RKM in your du'as darlings.

I will be posting her arrival on my Instagram. Everyone is super excited and keeps texting me if I am in labour yet. Haha. Let's see if I get to post another entry before she pops. I can't wait to blog about the next phase of my life.

Oh, Kakak has started blogging her IVF journey. If you are interested in doing IVF or going through one, you can meet my sister here. Alternatively, you can send some du'a along her way.

I really appreciate for every kind words and encouragement you people have been sending. Thank you!

October 15, 2015

When you start the maternity leave.

So it has been 4 days since the start of my maternity leave, and I am loving every single day of it. Pregnant mothers-to-be should be entitled a month of pre-maternity leave where we just get to rest before the big day comes. It is not easy to commute to work when you are carrying at least a 2.5kg baby in your tummy! Don't even get me started on the fact that our centre of gravity has shifted! Haha! And before you single people or people who plan to never have children say that it is not fair that we get paid leave, remember that raising a child is going to cost us a long run so our 4 months paid of leave is justified. And you get your late nights with friends/loved ones, nights of blissful sleep and your future can be pretty much planned out with no "what ifs". Yes, it is a choice for made by both two different groups but honestly for Singapore, government pays for half the maternity leave for your company to hire someone meanwhile. So, if you have to pick up the "slack" is because your company didn't hire a replacement or a competent person. Complain to the company, not the pregnant for choosing the be pregnant! So yay! Vote me for president okay! Haha.

Has been a month since I last blogged? Initially I promised to blog at least once a week (even then I thought it was too little!!!) but I have so many things to handover at work, settling my maternity leave and unpacking in our new house. So far, my plan for maternity leave is perfect. Okay, the perks about being in the gahment is that your entitlement, is your entitlement. Additional perks about working in education sector... the holidays! I am fortunate enough to take a month before my EDD which means October and November will be my first half of my Maternity Leave then I do not have to take in December because well, school is closed. Then I am coming back first two weeks of school to settle my kids down before I go back on Maternity Leave and guess when I am coming back? AFTER MARCH HOLIDAYS! Three days after to be exact. Whoop! I can't wait to spend so much time with RKM.

Here's my latest pregnancy updates:

31 weeks 3 days
My current weight: 69.2kg (!!! I have officially gained 10kg since the whole pregnancy!)
Good news: Placenta looks like it is going up, which means I may not have to do an elective c-section. Alhamdulilah! But it needs to keep on moving uppp before Prof can confirm that I can try 100% for natural labour. RKM's head is also down!!! She is no longer in breech position! No wonder I have been feeling kicks at my ribcage and it is not funny okay! This girl is strong! I actually cringe when she kicked my ribcage twice in the middle of the night!!!
RKM's wieght: 2.2kg (estimated by Prof's hands hahaha but I fully trust him lah!)

33 weeks 3 days
My current weight: 70.9kg (Not bad for a span of 2 weeks! I am actually surprised since I am always hungry. I was afraid I will put on more than that but Alhamdulilah!)
Good news: Placenta is confirmed up! This means I can definitely try for natural birth. This is one of the best news so far because it has been low for about 13 weeks and I seriously had no hopes that it will go up. Almost went against Mak's advise to not do urut but like she said, "Kalau dia nak naik, dia akan naik." So Alhamdulilah. I am also thankful for the mummies who read my blog who told me about their personal experience. YAY US!
RKM's weight: 2.5kg (estimated) but she's in the healthy range to be delivered, if touch wood, she decides to show early up which she hasn't shown any signs *crosses fingers* and I hope she stays inside until week 38 at least!

Apart from check-ups, we have been advised by Prof to book our room already! He says "Standby, looks like 1st of November!" Hehehe, okay lah. 1st like the Moma okay! So after contemplating a thousand times over between class A and B1, we decided to take up B1. The price difference is about 1k, if there's no complications for both Moma and RKM. But 1k is A LOT of money to spend just for Baobei to sleepover. So I made him promise to stay the longest and come the earlier a visitor is allowed. And we will use the 1k for RKM's aqiqah, cukur rambut at the mosque etc. More beneficial we feel. Plus it will give me a chance to be with just RKM only.

You know, each time I dream about the delivery, I can't imagine the feeling I will get when I am carrying her in my arms. Just looking at my huge belly, I can't believe that a tiny human is growing inside of me. Subahan Allah. I can't believe RKM picked us to be her parents.

Just yesterday, I had lunch with Mak and Mama and they were sharing about their labour stories. Even worst for them, they had no such thing as laughing gas or epidural. And they gave birth with no worries. What they say is this which makes me want to go through it, no matter how much it is going to hurt,

"All the pain will go away when you carry the baby. The pain that you have to go through, is over and done with. The pain is not going to be remembered when you carry your baby. It will go away."

Any mummies want to share your labour stories? Hehe.

Hahahah, time dulu dulu tengah dating we had big dreams.
Now look at us!

Maybe one of the things I will miss about the pregnancy (not many) will be the borrowed glow.
My skin is rarely oily and there's hardly any breakouts!
So much different from the first trimester and the first half of second trimester!
I pray this will continue after I deliver! Hehehe.

So much love for the Abi.
I can't believe how lucky I am to have a husband who gives me foot massages, rubs my back and makes my nightly milk for me when he sees I am too comfortable on the bed.

This is us just before we went to the babyfair!
We were 36 weeks!

People who see me will always say I don't look big. Someone ever asked if I was 6 months pregnant while my kid asked if my tummy was getting any bigger! But seriously, if you were to see me without my top, you will be amazed at how large it looks! HAHAHA. Will save that for later okay! *winks*

Now people say "Your perut da turun eh." But they actually don't know that my tummy has been low all the while. Just that now I am bigger, it is more obvious that it is. In Shaa Allah I can hold on the fort until 38 weeks! Then I can slow talk to RKM to come out Halloween ke, 1st/3rd/6th of November ke. BUT at the end of the day, it doesn't really matter. As long as she's safely out whenever she chooses, we will be very happy to receive her with open arms!

At 36 weeks where my tummy is getting smaller for her, she is super active! Sometimes it can be for an hour! Lately it has been at midnight and Baobei will be like "K, let mommy sleep okay. We will play when you come out which is in another 2 weeks. Don't be so playful." You think she listen? Peduli apa. Hahaha. The Abi can sleep some more! Wait til she comes out, I am going to campak her at Baobei! Hahaha!

Moving on from pregnancy updates, I am still straightening out the finer details of Klothes by Katt but the support I have been receiving is SO amazing! I really can't wait to build this empire and what it may potentially be. The most important thing is that I have the blessings of my husband, family and closest friends who keep disturbing me to hire them in the future! Haha! Will keep you updated about that too.

I can't believe my pregnancy journey is coming to an end and my little princess is going to come along very soon. I sometimes wake up, and wonder how our lives are going to change. I know it is going to change drastically and there's nothing to prepare us for it. Looking forward to our sleepless nights together!!! Haha, especially when Baobei is going to start his LONGGG leave soon to be with his little family.

I will try to keep up with my updates because I will definitely want to have something to look back and read. Thank you for being part of our journey and keeping us in your duas.

Raja K. M. we love you sayang. So much more than you can imagine.

/// PS: I have been told that screenshots of the Kakak-Kakak Kahwin/Tunang Part 3 is making its rounds of Facebook again. I am married to the same man I said I was going to, and I still stand by what I say.