February 10, 2015

Rings made by a Fairy

Well, technically two fairies; Sandra and Evelyn.

Before we met /heard of Fairy's Inc, we narrowed our ring choices with 2 well-known brands; Bvlgari and Tiffany & Co. We knew what we wanted though. A thick, platinum band for Baobei because his not-very-small hand will look weird with a pathetic, thin band. As for me, a white gold with a small diamond in the ring (yes, not popping out/ not sure how to describe it).

Then, I found Fairy's Inc

So what do these fairies do? Sandra and Evelyn actually will have a chit chat session to get to know you. At this point of time, you need to have a budget in mind. If you come in to look see, I am sorry to disappoint you but they don't make 2 rings the same. You must also come in with a vision of what you want your rings to look like but if you don't, at least know what you like and don't fancy. Round or princess cut diamonds? Matte or polish finishing? Braiding or straight brand?

You can read how my/our journey with Fairy's Inc started here.

So long story short, be honest with how much you're willing to pay. Doesn't mean low budget means it can't be done. Maybe the bigger diamond you imagined will not fit the budget but she will offer you a range of diamonds that fits your budget. That's why the key is to be honest. And like my take about GIA certified diamonds, unless you're planning to sell your diamonds or carry the cert with you wherever you go, no one will care if it is GIA certified or not. At least I don't.

Okay, so this post is more of the outcome right?

Give me chance leh to still put up our wedding photos.

Well, when we made our trip down to Fairy's Inc to make the final payment and collect the rings, I actually screamed! Sandra and Evelyn had clients, so Sandra asked us to find our rings at the collection counter. Yup, when you enter the Fairy Paradise, the counter on the right are rings waiting to be collected while the left counter (where you do your chit-chat and planning, etc) are rings that they have done as showcase (not for sale) and ideas you can pick from here and there. So I was definitely pleased to see our babies sitting nicely

Super, duper pleased with our rings and Sandra's service/honesty, really.

Special thanks to Gold Coast's sand for making this happen HAHA.

So let's go into details about our rings:

Matte finishing
Hammered matte finish
All chosen by Baobei himself. 

Braided sides
Assher cut diamond in the center (not certified)
3 natural pink diamonds
Smaller diamonds around the tails suggested by Sandra

These babies costs us close to 6k in total, with initial budget was 5k. But we were happy to pay for something that we designed and is ours. In Sandra's words, "I will not see them until you come back to send them for polishing."

Well, my ring is obviously cheaper, though with diamonds because platinum is expensive. It is cheaper at the jewelry shops you see at shopping malls because they are mass made. Fairy's Inc bend and twist them okay? So with a harder material to work with, costs more. 

Sandra did mention that some of her Muslim clients have consulted ustaz about this particular material where it has a very, very small percentage of gold in it but mainly made of some other metal (sorry I can't remember much) who said that it is okay. However, we are not taking chances and I promised Baobei platinum. So do your own research okay? A cheaper alternative is silver. Depends on your future husband lor. For Baobei, wedding ring was the first kind of ring he wore/commit to and abang bomba kalau fight fire, ring tak melt hahaha. So I allowed him to decide in the end.

Also, we came back a month before collecting our rings because we found out that as muslims, it is haram to wear your wedding bands on left finger because orang khafir wears them on left. And you eat with your right hand and what with your left? Yup. This was clarified with an ustaz and you can read them online.

My ring was fully paid by Baobei as it was my mas kahwin, while his ring is a gift from me! Hey! He can get an expensive ring if he wants to, I'll pay. After all the hantaran $, which is his hard earned $, paid for our honeymoon flight & accommodation, and I am very thankful for that.

So if you're planning to hint to your boyfriends or want really cool wedding bands designed by the both of you, you know who to find right? Tell Sandra, Renny says she is awesome. You will never know if you get free little diamonds like I did.

//I am left with 4 entries with The Kahwin Series with the last to wrap up about how I feel about wedding and money we spend on it, and most importantly what you will never wish to find out on your wedding day before we move on to Honeymoon and ....

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