April 16, 2015

On Hiatus

So sorry for those who have been checking my blog (I am surprised I still clock more than 100 readers a day) but I am currently on hiatus. Will be back sometime in May with lots of updates! We have been searching for contractors (not interior designs because we know what we want and we don't want to pay more for the design fees, if possible) to do up our kitchen and toilet, so if you have good contacts, please leave a comment (even if it is your company's or family's, we will be glad to check it out) or email me at rennyizzatie@hotmail.com. I promise you that May will be filled with lots of posts for you to catch up on since most entries are saved in drafts.

Oh, I read on social media whereby girls went all
"Yahhh Taufik's wife is very successful yet there was no hantaran but deep down you all still want hantaran to cover face." 

1) Whose face you covering? Yours kan? Pasal you ada ciri-ciri Makcik KPO.
2) Let me say this again: Nobody gives a shit how much is your hantaran lah. Nobody but you who goes for someone's nikah to look at the hantaran dulang. Pui.
3) I realized all those girls who went all defensive mode about Taufik's wife tak mintak hantaran, are the girls who demanded 8-10k+ for their hantaran and nowhere near fabulous as Taufik's wife. PUHHLEASE.

I hope my future sons will not have mother in laws like you. Meluat. Money face.

Okay, see you in May.

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