January 14, 2014

The two weeks after 2014...

I am not sure about most girls, but I am one of those whose engagement ring will be a surprise. Just the other day when we were lazing in my room, Baobei turned and said, "I found your ring. Do you want to see it?"

I am amazed. Don't get me wrong but wait until you have an engagement and wedding to plan, you will be surprised how most men are very relaxed at planning these are two huge events in their lives. It is not that they are not interested but they tend to rely a lot on us women to make decisions for them or about the events. I get annoyed every now and then and asked Baobei to plan everything all by himself. Haha then he gets worried that I am serious and I get worried that they won't go how it would be in my head if he plans. So the cycle repeats. I have some tips for future BTBs:

Nag at them for a couple of days and don't mentioned it for the next couple of weeks.

You will be seriously amazed by the impact of your nagging and you will get more things done than expected. I nagged at Baobei about setting aside time to browse through rings and the next thing I know he already picked one all by himself. I am majorly proud of this man.

I will never stopped being awed by the little things that he takes into consideration when picking out my ring. I am always very nervous of the design that he picked and always joking by saying "Is your choice of your ring like the choices of your food?" And we will laugh a lot after because he always pick the horrible dish. (Though I have to give him points for being adventurous)

So now the engagement is 3x days away, it is nerve-wrecking how much I have not settled. I can't decide what to wear. The cake is somewhat settled because one of my bridesmaids who happens to be an old friend is sponsoring. The place for the bunga rampai is settled. What else? Colour theme.

I am excited to reveal my team of people who will be by my side to calm me down and keep me sane until the big day! My bestfriend who was away, came back and was wondering why is he involved in a group chat "MOH & Bridesmaids" and was wondering since when he had friends working at MOH. Ummm, hello Maid of Honour? Haha.

On a more heart melting update, Baobei has purchased the engagement ring yesterday and gave me a sneak peak of what the ring is like because once in awhile I will bug him to show me (I am amazed that he is able to stand on his ground except on days when I sulk at him for some reason and he will pacify me with "Do you want to see the ring?" haha!) Major love for this man. Over one year with him and I still find little things to fall in love with him even more.

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