February 18, 2014

The one where we picked a place to say 'I do'...

This blog post is a bit weird because I have not done our 'Edited Wedding' post to give you an overview of our wedding v3, but oh wells. I have some time on my hands, and I need to tell you how we almost died when we met the manager to book our location/food/decor (3-in-1 package).

We sat down and discuss the things we don't want in the package and the things we want (SCREAM SATAY NOW!), and was discussing about the event timing etc... then Keith, the manager said, "Eh wait, I think there's an event booked on your date. I am not sure yet." Then I said, "What?! I confirmed with you our date of event and time since late Nov last year." (I remember this because we were off to our BKK trip) Keith panicked and said, "Can you wait until 3pm, and I get back to you."

*looks at time 2.23pm*

I turned to Baobei and didn't know if I should cry or laugh or puke my insides out. We didn't touch the subject of 'What if' and we just continued planning our Feb finances, but inside we were both dying (After the whole thing, Baobei was like "Macam nak mati sia tadi.") because what if we don't have our place? Where are we going to hold our wedding? 

Keith came back and sat down. He said, "The event that we have booked on your date and time was reserved for you." OH MY GOD! This is like when TWB also told us that our date was filled up already. So anyways, we more or less cleared our questions/doubts. We paid our 1 out of 4 deposits with them too.

Oh I am sorry, I am being rude. This is the place where Baobei says, 
"Aku terima nikahnya Renny Izzatie..." 

( I took 4 failed panorama shots, all thanks to Baobei. Each time I tried to take, he will appear from the left or right, and say "CHAKKK," and me being the silly goose will keep laughing. Until the last I said, "Okay you go inside the picture then people see you on blog being silly." HAHA then he let me do my work.)

This is the huge cabana where will house the pelamin and seats by the sea.

Then there's outdoor seats that is connected to the restaurant itself.

Thats my busy Encik who is swamped with work, and work. Kalah MP Jurong West / Serangoon HAHAHA. 

I don't really care for the insides except that it is air-con but other than that, it is nothing special related to weddings. So, I didn't bother taking pictures but you can just picture a restaurant, and there you have it! HAHA.

Well our 3-in-1 not only includes delicious food by Gurame, their in-house decor that is very simple (which we are for it), by the beach setting (angin sepoi sepoi), it also includes 2 24-person bus to and fro Tanah Merah MRT throughout our event. There's many other things you can add-on to the package (especially for the decor like decorating the trees outside when people drive-in) but we are keeping it real small and simple (Yes, I need to blog The Edited Wedding real soon) so we are taking whatever it is already included. After all if it comes with 1 staple, 1 appetizer, 4 main dishes, 2 desserts, hot drinks & ice lemon tea, and a satay-live section which starts straightaway after the nikah? So I am not sure if my guests will be crowding around the huge cabana during the nikah or near the satay *cries* HAHAH. I don't blame them, I want at least 10 for myself... okay share with Baobei. 

Oh, our event will be in the evening. Ala, ala sunset lah hahahaha.

Okay, I am not going to update for awhile because I have two assignments due, paperwork piling up, twin's solemnization and...

well, the next time I will be blogging I am officially someone's fiancĂ©e.


4 xoxo's:

  1. wahhhhhh!!! best nya akad nikah tepi laut!!!! so awesome please! i am very very jealous. hahah! if only i was rich enough to have it like yours! and all the best to you and your soon to be fiance on the coming engagement plus the wedding plannings!!! :D

    1. Heh, our happy place. Alhamdulilah. We are trying to cut all sorts of costs. This was within our budget. Tak seberapa, but it is okay. Asalkan sempurna. Thank you (lambat giler) for the well wishes on the engagement. Now it's the countdown to the wedding. I can't wait for yours darla XO

  2. Sobs sobs. My ideal, and ultimate number one location. So happy for you baybehhhh!

    1. Haha, unlike your husband-to-be and you, my tunang and I tak fikir pasal orang HAHAH. Furthermore his family are mainly west siders, so selamat lah liddat. But the beach is the only reason. Luckily lah within budget. Your wedding venue is like 5 mins drive from my house.