March 1, 2014

The Engagement of Syhrl & Rnny, 220214

The whole day was very chaotic. For one, Abang's nikah was at 2pm, and we were doing last minute touch-up for the dulangs that was DIY. Alhamdulilah, it was done with one lafaz, and my brother is officially a married man.

Rushed back home because Kak Fad (MUA) needed 2 hours to prepare me before Baobei's family came over. It feels so nice to be seated down, and someone does your hair and make-up. Kindda like a princess feeling, but hey! Now I am just looking forward to my wedding day (haha! tak sabar!).

My two little cosuins, Nikki and Adelle, were like standing at the side and peeping the whole time Kak Fad was doing the make-up. Aunty Jannah later told me that the both of them keep coming out of the room to tell their mummies that I look like a princess. (score!)


We got ready almost on time. About 10 minutes before the boy side to come over. Initially I thought the make-up was too overly done, but people kept saying that it looks great. Not sure if they are being nice but I liked how it appeared on pictures though. The boy side had a slight hiccup and came at 6pm. So... girls being girls,

Shiqs, Sheril, Haiya & Ally 
(The 4 out of 6 bridesmaids)

This time with Dok who is my Maid of Honor.

The two cutie pies who kept me company for hair & make-up.

Kak Ada + Kak Era <3

Friendship since NIE til today...

Friendship since we started poly...

Friends since we were 7 years old...

Friends since we started poly...

Strangers on IG to friends in real life...


The girl cousin of my age and heart... (Shikin)

Then, Baobei who was downstairs what'sapp that his family just arrived. So I switched room and sat down, feeling all sorts of nervousness. I was more curious about my ring though because it is one secret Baobei has kept from me over two months? 

The moment the family arrived and outside discussing. Apparently, what happened was the representative showed the ring, the 'hantaran' and the cake, as well as discussed how long we will be tied down, "One year," which then both parties are aware that the date for the wedding is set.

The pengantin lama (haha few hours old) + Mama

"If you like it then you should ask your mother to put a ring on her."
The sarung cincin moment with Ibu-Baobei.

The rest of the 'important' dulang give by his only sister, Kak Moi.

The girls from The Raja Salim's family and me!

I didn't have a bouquet of flowers to hold because I hate flowers. I actually asked if it was okay if I were to hold shoes instead. So, I make do with Kak Moi's baby boy, Aqeel, as my bouquet. Heh.

The siblings + my new sister, Kak Yaya. 

The one that I call Mak. She's a gem and I love her so much!!!

The little ones.
The Azahar's.
The Imran's.
The Kamal's.
Me + my orang kuats.
Missing Izza who couldnt be here because she's on probation and couldn't miss her flight. So she was on the way to Dubai.

The Double Celebration with our Mak.

Baobei and his orang kuats! (Plus 2 of their plus one)
The missing one here is Wawan.

The closer ones, #butox4.
Nama sesungguhnya tak senonoh. But all of them are ready to mingle, so ladies feel free! Haha.

The Habel's.


Our best men, MOH, bridesmaids & groomsmen.
(and 2 of their plus one)

Me to him (sorry we didn't have an upclose)

Him to me.

The promise ring that we will be Mr & Mrs, and the hantaran.

Our little door gifts; Match boxes with printed labels
'Match made in heaven!'

The boy keeps asking me to order from Hana more because according to him it is the best cake ever!

The boy side representatives.

With Abang, Kak Moi & the little one, Aqeel.

His family.

Two weeks ago, I told people I didn't want to get engaged because it is unnecessary since our wedding is less than a year's time and how that the money we pump in for The Engagement could be used for The Edited Wedding instead. But looking back, I will do this again anytime. The lack of sleep, the rushing through assignments and the nervousness. My colleague, Azri, is right. Girls must experience everything once. The courting, the relationship, the engagement, the wedding, the motherhood.. well everything life has to offer.

I am so glad that we did The Engagement, and I am definitely glad of the man who chose me to spend the rest of his life here, and thereafter. I am thankful of friends who came down early to help me prepare the bunga rampai and calming me down despite a beautiful Saturday.

Above all, I am thankful for my life decisions that brought me to all of these.

Well, 10 months + few days to being Mr & Mrs.

#thekirekattkrown (our together #)

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  1. mane beli ur baju? so lawa! :D

    1. My sister bought it for me last year in early November when there was a sale at Expo? Not sure of the details though darling because it was quite some time back. Heh.