May 11, 2014

The one where I take a break to be a nerd...

I am on my study break and I am insanely busy trying to keep up with my hectic schedule, it is not funny anymore. Any chance I get to be in bed, is just paying my sleep debt. It is insanely crazy because I am currently taking 4 psychology modules, unlike next semester which I have picked 2 social science modules (urgh) that are compulsory. Next semester is more for my kids and last kopek preparations for The Wedding. I am so deprived of wedding plans right now, and I can't really think straight but I am so blessed to have a bunch of orang kuats who are brainstorming, and mind you they are my primary/poly/IG/NIE friends yet it is amazing they can get along real well. So many updates! You can expect me to be back, full blown, 23rd onwards. (I will also reply comments you girlies left on blog too!) The week the exams end, I am back to wedding appointments/errands. (Yup, I actually set the next Gurame appt the same weekend haha. Deprived habis!) I can't tell you how excited I am to be a bridezilla. The only question is should I reveal the wedding dress and the bridesmaids design here or you will only find out 8 months later? Hmmm...

Happy Mother's Day to my Mak (grandmother) who gave birth to my Mama and my aunties who I affectionately call Mummy, Mom and Ibu. To the rest of my aunties who are mummies. To my internet friends who are mummies and mummy-to-be, and a shout out to my current 2 fabbret preggers who are going to be mummies by next Mother's Day (and may give birth in December and may not be at my wedding *cries). Also to my future Mother-in-law, Ibu-Baobei, that I happen to be so grateful for bringing up such a wonderful man that knows how to take good care and loves me deeply.

Oh, Baobei is going to start back his skateboarding and gym after his IPPT. So to keep myself occupied with a lil me-time, I thought of doing yoga full-time. Only now, I just found out that my best friend wants to do it too. What?! Awesome ke apa sey.

31 days to Krabi with the LOML, Dok (best friend) and Wan (#SBST). The much needed break from Singapore with our Maid of Honour & Bestman.

Okay, stay healthy people. Positive thoughts.

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