January 28, 2015

What it means to be a #BrocadeBride

As you all know that I have set my eyes, heart and soul on The Wedding Brocade since the idea of getting married came along back in 2013, and if you have missed them, you can click on my journey here as a #BrocadeBride (which I didn't know that I am that until the wedding day itself). But my journey as a bride than a bride-to-be is even more amazing and has exceeded my expectation, again (how do you do that?!).

Stalking all the pretty girls on Instagram who use House of Lashes's Iconic lashes, I also nak for my wedding. So during one of their sales, I managed to buy about 10-12 pairs including their Iconic lashes because I planned to use for the wedding. So when Katt and Su (her assistant for the day who is also one of The Wedding Brocade's MUAs) were taking out their magic brushes and pots on the hotel bed, I showed Katt the Iconic lashes that I bought and brought along but Katt said that using hers will be better for the whole look.

Actually, prior to the actual day, Katt has been asking me to research on what kind of looks that I wanted, which I did but I honestly don't know what would look good on me and can be versatile for all looks. So on the actual day when Katt asked me what I wanted, I actually said, "Just do what you always do."

That my dear friends, it means that how I will turn out at the end of the day for one of the most important day of my life, is based on decisions made by Katt. I'm trusting her not to make me look like geisha/wayang pekji HAHAHA. Now, that's a pretty big deal because believe it or not, there are tons of pictures taken on that day with professional cameras and handphones. So it has to look good regardless who takes the photo. But the trust I had in Katt was established the first time we met. I have seen all her work. It is all over her social media for anyone to see. And no, the photos you see on social media has no filters/editing, just damn good lighting.

While I left Katt to do her magic on me, she was telling me stories about how some brides choose their looks and tell her not too much this and that, which is not her. But brides have the last say. At the end of the day, the pictures don't look good. When you pick the bridal and the MUA, you need to trust that they know damn well on how to do their work. You cannot be telling a police officer how to solve a case like as if you could do a better job. You know what I am trying to say? I mean, yes there are terrible make-up and hair done by supposedly done by "professional MUAs" but it is YOU that have to do the homework and always, always trust that gut feeling. It is always right.

At this point, I only had a rough idea how I looked like from the little snapshot I send the orang kuat's group chat. Then it was time to wear my baju nikah and get ready to head off. I needed to pee and had a great look at myself in the mirror. To be honest, I thought the eyebrow game was tad too strong for my liking. BUT, it grew on me and one of the MUAs whom my bridesmaids took (she's quite known and started her little bridal) was "Lawa nyer the make-up," and I knew it that this is why Katt is such a genius.

Okay, this is not encouraged because The Wedding Brocade has an amazing collection but despite my decision to have a simple dress for nikah that I got tailored, Katt lend me her belt and veil with no extra charge. She is not selfish and will help her brides when it is within her means.

That's the plus point about The Wedding Brocade you know? Unlike some bridal companies out there that I know of, there's no such thing as "exclusive collection" which requires you to pay more for that. Yes, the fabric, beading, the workmanship are more expensive when designs gets more complicated but why do you even have a "less exclusive" range in your collection? In my honest opinion ever since I followed my sister going bridal shopping with the arwah, I get turned off when they have a "higher" range which costs more. If you want the best for your brides, have the best for all your brides. These brides represent YOU, you know that? If she doesn't look good, it reflects on YOU. So why have dresses that are "less exclusive"? Everything should be like what a queen would wear. Nothing should be lesser than another piece. Yes, maybe more simple ones should cost less, but that's where your accessories come to life. At the end of the day, the bride's look is your masterpiece.

Okay dah enough. So this is my final nikah look (and all just hair and lip will change):

HOW CAN WE NOT LOVE KATT? Can we please love her a bit more than the maximum we can? I am not being biased because she did her magic on me, but this is seriously amahzeballs laaaaaaaaaa. I dah request nak shift next to her house, so she can do my hair and make-up every day. Hahaha.

On the way to Gurame, Katt was explaining to me why some brides have the #BrocadeBride on The Wedding Brocade's IG and what it means. Simply put, a #BrocadeBride is how Katt imagines her brides to look or the end product. Some brides have preferences and want things different, and that's okay. But when the brides trust her to do her magic, the end product is what she has imagined you look after being in her hands. If you tell her, you don't want "heavy" make-up etc, then you're changing her vision of you as a #BrocadeBride. All the #BrocadeBrides give the same vibe, under the same magic.

Katt was also telling me that in order for you to be in this industry, you need to be able to see other people's beauty. If you're the type who says "Alah tak lawa lah ni pompan," when in actual fact she is or some of her features are awesome, if you fail to see that, then this industry is not for you. You need to be able to identify beauty and want to enhance it. That is why Katt is doing well in whatever she does. She is able to pick out the beautiful features of her brides or girls in general.

So, the best part having Katt and Su with me throughout, is that they will keep telling me that things that happened based on experiences where tok kadi tak suka brides seat on pelamin etc, and they will tell me what to expect and what to do. 

Can you see how amazing they are? Always ensuring I am all set and proper. "Renny don't hunch," "Renny smile more." Haha. Then after the whole nikah is over, and our parents sat on the pelamin and we took turns to salam but I didn't know who goes first. I asked Katt and she said, "From now on, your husband is always first and right. Unless you both arguing then you are always right." HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Katt is so me tau. Same frequency!!! 

Then when I salam-ed Mama and of course, cried. Katt who has tons of brides who cried was coaching me how to breathe and what to do so that my tears will stop rolling and less damage is done to the make up/mascara. Hehehe.

Then here's me after changing:

I very gatal and wanted to wear the sanggul lintang mah. I have an oily face and was surprised my make-up is still going strong. Apparently, an oily face is so much easier to work with than a dry face. Katt is never selfish with her knowledge. She will recommend products that are good and long lasting as she is doing my hair and changing my lip colour.

See! Always there to ensure everything is tip top before they go to another area while we busy take pictures. I love their company. Kadang-kadang stories can be wild and we find ourselves kekek at the same time. Okay lah, one word to sum it all; GEREK. Boleh add 'nak mampos' at the end of gerek tak? Haha, I am very thankful to have them and be part of The Wedding Brocade brides.

Last look was the 'mohawk' hair, which I requested after their ambassador Dyan had in one of the photoshoots for their last collection. I have no ragrets (regrets but that movie kekek) about it when Baobei changed to his number 1 uniform. Didn't have a proper, proper picture but here's a few when we went back hotel. Okay a little secret, husband was in the toilet while I removed my dress and hair pins. Then teringat want to selfie so here it is.

This is taken with an iPhone 5 front camera and I think I look amahzeballs. Wished I could have taken a selfie so boleh put as DP butttttttttt my phone is crazy okay. It can die at 42% so yes, my phone was dead when we were at Gurame already. But this make-up stood by me since 4pm alllll the way until 11pm.

In conclusion, I knew that The Wedding Brocade was The One when it comes to choosing my bridal. This is a personal choice and knowing that I am the kind of person who runs from tradition but still want a small taste of it, The Wedding Brocade is perfect. Their kindness and how meticulous about every single thing, is an added bonus. Of course, the sama frequency when it comes to berbual ngan these 2 throughout. Best sey. Husband also loves them.

Here's some feed from The Wedding Brocade's IG

Remember the gut feeling I was talking about? It is always right.

To prove that I am not just having a biased opinions,

And a couple of makciks who asked Mama to recommend their daughters/future DILs. I don't need to advertise for The Wedding Brocade because Katt was also behind a celebrity's wedding, but her magic speaks for itself. Don't worry those future BTBs who didn't pick Katt as their MUAs for their wedding, because they are just as good. For Su, I really liked her make up she had on. When she helped with the touch ups, dapat look at her make-up up close. LAWAAA NYER. How come I cannot achieve that every day sey. HAHAHA. Nak beli jugak lah magic brushes and pots.

Anyway, when doing the "mohawk" for my last look, Katt asked me to ask husband mintak izin (ask for permission) if I can wear her upcoming collection and of course, if I am not preggers. I honestly thought it was a passing remark.


When I saw this, I was "Tak kan my wedding that was 3 weeks back, baru nak tag me on their IG." Especially when they don't tag but just name the brides and grooms.


So guess whose husband said yes and who got an email?

EXCITED NYAHHHH! My journey with The Wedding Brocade as bride has ended but who knows my journey with them is still not over? Whether I get it or not, that's a bonus. Just excited and a great excuse to go back to the room filled with pretty dresses.

PS: I have received Facebook messages, Instagram DMs and emails to rennyizzatie@hotmail.com asking me the price range, and let me make it clear that I will not reveal. Simple reason; Business is still business. There is a reason why they don't write the pricing on their social media, so we as clients must also respect that. But really, they are friendly people and will give you the price list and what it includes in their packages when you email them. Plus, it is always fun to receive emails when it comes to wedding. Even if you are "surveying", there's no obligation to take them up if the price is not within your budget or you eventually decide on someone else. But please don't ask me how much leh. Ok?

POST NOTE: Katt and I were chit-chatting and found out that since she spend so much time 2014 building up TheWeddingBrocade, whoever picked her this year onwards to be their MUA, she will be doing more of touch-and-go than stay until the last change. Her MUA who is assisting her on that day, will stay with you until the last change instead. I am not sure when that will take in place though. 

POST, POST NOTE: I had last minute family thing on the day of the casting call, so I missed a chance to even go for the Casting Call. Super disappointed.

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  1. Hey babe.. i was wondering which package did u take in the end? I thought u mentioned that you were diy-ing a 3rd outfit too! Does this mean that you only took a package w twb for one baju + 2 make up? :)

    1. Hi Alene,

      I took up only 1 pair of baju with TWB. Yes, Initially I wanted to DIY my last baju since I already bought the bottom, but after discussing with Katt, we realized there isn't much time to change and I didn't want to spend so much time in the changing room than mingling with my guests. So when my husband changed to his number 1, I changed hairstyle. I didn't change make-up per se, but more of lip colour. The whole make-up was versatile for all looks/change.


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