January 3, 2015

The one with the last week of being a single girl...

If you're reading this, Alhamdulilah. 
I am officially Mrs Raja Syahrul Nizam on 3/1/15 at 5.27 pm.
(thank you Ideen for keeping track of exact time) 

Since my MIL has called me a week back and asked me to stop blogging until nikah is over (because niat busok orang kita tak tahu), so I was on hiatus and I really do miss #MPKvirtualdateat1213pm.

And no darlings, silence doesn't mean I have lost. It means I have lost ALL interest in playing the game of cowardice that the 2 of you are so good at. Yes, 2 because I have your IP addresses and it is amazing what you can find out just from that information (not that anonymous eh?).  Anyway, it is really sad and pathetic you can't comprehend the content of my entries that you have to attack on my looks. Kalau benci, apa yang lawa pun tak lawa. So IDGAF(lyingfish).

So let's forget the negative vibes, I have more important things this 2015 (keep a lookout for that) especially when I have the fullest support of my husband (did i just say the H word? heh) who I affectionately call Baobei,  family and closest friends. Anyway, here's how I spend the last 7 days of my single life which I update every night and saved it in drafts which my darling cousin, Shikin, will help me post after the nikah is over.

Saturday, 27th December, 2349

My darling bridesmaid, Shiqs, what'sapp me this morning. I have been looking at the countdown app & I have my personal human countdown too, which makes this excitement real crazy. I don't think there's a word to describe a bride-to-be's feelings. It is just, that. Shiqs is always reminding me of the important things and always keeping my spirits higher than it is. So much love for this woman. But yes, this is the final countdown eh?

We spend the day in town to collect our precious babies (ye lah, everything also our baby eh).

Yes, in this case babies refer to our wedding bands. You know I am all about raving good (and not so great) things right? Our last appointment which is fitting, paying and collecting with Fairy's Inc just made me promise myself to comeback and get myself something pretty when I hit my first 9k. Will have a separate entry on this with pictures of our rings after the wedding and hopefully before we fly off. I am such a happy goober because my ring came out the way I imagined! It is out of the world, and not a taste that fit many. But who cares? I don't.

We both wanted to get a full manicure and pedicure done which costs 45SGD for me, and slightly more for Baobei (I am getting a earful from him because I told him to not cut his nails and now they are at the longest haha) here. But the money we spend can probably get ours done + some top up for massage that we are both in need with the painting and shifting in JB. But the rain wouldn't stop and my parents don't want us to go this late at night, especially when the wedding is so near, so hopefully Monday before lunch.

Nadya, my henna artis who is also an art teacher send me a sketch of some things I would like. I mean, who does that? I only assumed that she will just do it on the day itself but this darling actually did it on actual person (is it you Nad? haha) and send me to see if it is to my liking. IMO, this personalised service is more than what I bargained/paid for which makes me feel like I am lucky to have her do my henna. 

I did have some changes but that will be in a different blog post ok? But so far, I am loving wherever she has to offer. I will see you Thursday Nadya darling.

Okay, enough for today.

Sunday, 29th December (technically 30th), 0333

So it is 6 more days to our wedding. The feeling still remains the same; Super, duper excited. I can't believe I get to marry this stranger I met on Instagram in 2012, dated on and off for 9 months, then for real for another 13 months and spend the last 10 months being engaged before kahwin lor. Not exactly the same storyline but I can related to this.

Anyway, I spent the first half of my day packing up the Serangoon room so that Baobei can move in. I mean he always had his clothes over when we are together but actually move in for a daily basis. After which, Baobei picked me up and we headed to JB for food, manicure and finalise the finer details of the itinerary with Wan.

First up,

Horrible picture but the the ribs are AWESOME and filling (yes baby, it is filling but yet you asked me to take a full rack eh) while the boys had steak and fillet medallion respectively. They ran out of salmon so we shall come back again okay Baobei.

Then we did this,

Baobei's very first! He did good in resisting the ticklishness when she started scrubbing his foot haha. So curious at the things that they do, but at the end he said he could have done everything all by himself. Hrmph. Men. Hahaha. But each of us only cost 30SGD while in SinJiaPour costs us at least 45SGD. Anyway I think it is near closing time, therefore it wasn't up to standard too. Oh wells.

Nadya, my fingers are ready for henna night (super looking forward to this!!! not much of the minyak kapak haha which i delegate only 1 person to put it) which reminds me last night she worked on an improvement of what I want. Thank you darling for working so hard!!!!

Anyway, ended the night with

ALL TIME FABBRET! I love their udang sambal. Siap lah Baobei if i ever mengidam. HAHAHA. 

Anyway the jam at causeway is getting crazier (we got home at 3am, camana lah mama tak melenting since wedding is just few days away). Makes going in sometimes not worth it. Maybe it will be different if our car is auto but hais. Kesian Baobei's kaki. 

I am starting to feel funny in my throat. I need sleep. Til tomorrow.

Monday, 29th December, 2235

So guess who woke up with bad sore throat, running nose and slight fever? Yes the bride to be who is only FIVE days to her wedding. Okay lah, to be fair this is padan muka saya because tak dengar kata parents and balik lambat. Sigh.

So I spend the day going to the doctor's to get this:

There's a staff meeting tomorrow but I got my excuse. I also have a full day of errands. There's waxing, some fixing of the brows and final fitting with TWB. So, today is spend sleeping and getting better.  Didn't even pack the room for my soon-to-be husband. After tomorrow, I will only be seeing Baobei time nikah. *cries*

Anyway, good night. I want to get better so I will be in a great mood to do errands tomorrow and of course, for the wedding.

Will be sleeping in this while I watch RM from the bed. Thank you to the best fiancé who transferred all RM episodes on hard disc and putting up the tv in our room. Now just left for you to move in ok and join me soon!

Can't believe the final countdown has begun. I can count the days with just one hand.

Tuesday, 30th December, 2330

Guess who got even more sick? Oh wells, suck it up because I have some errands to run. So the fiancé (sorry my last few entries to call him that) called to bring lunch over. We had nasi sambal goreng and then we went off.

Baobei dropped me off to do waxing at Fabulous Spa while he went off to get his hair trimmed at Hounds Of Baskerville (this place is really something which I don't really fancy). I got brazilian and half arm wax because I don't want Nadya to be freaked with my hairy hands and I want the henna to be full blown!!! Whooop! (Sorry no pictures of any services done so I leave to your imagination haha)
Total cost: $42 for brazilian and $20 odd ish for half arm.

Then headed to Benefit Brow Bar at Ngee Ann City (which Baobei was like "Can't you just say it is at Taka?" Sorry honey.) and had Jerlyn to do my waxing of eyebrow and upper lip. She was very meticulous and fast! I was very pleased with the ending result that I am calculating how much can i splurge on a yearly basis. Hahaha. The upper lip waxing was slightly more painful than my eyebrow.
Total cost: $31 for both services.

After that, we headed off to The Wedding Brocade for our final fitting. Am super pleased (and saying on behalf of Baobei) that we both can fit despite the careless meals we had the past few weeks haha! Katt had to further tighten my dress after I tried with the corset on. Pak Ngah came along because he will be helping Baobei out with the samping for nikah and sanding. Super appreciative of my close friends! Katt lend me a belt for my nikah outfit so I am left to decide the kind of looks I want for nikah/sanding look 1/sanding look 2. Whoop!

Another awesome combo for dinner.

But guess who infected Baobei with her germs? ME. By night, Baobei was already not feeling well towards the end of the day. I fell asleep while he went for his 2A theory lesson in the evening then we headed out to send our stuffs to his cousin (@kynsulaiman) who does gubahan and bakes for our ring trays. I later learn we had to do this tradition of his as part of being 'Raja' (more on that after the wedding). Then we send airfryer we bought for Kak Moi as part of her house warming gift and Jurong home. 

Home slightly after 11pm, and ready to crash

Tonight's sick socks. Okay, nights.
FOUR days eh?

Wednesday, 31st December, 2247

Shiqs had already booked me today for an hour so with a heavy head, I went out in the morning to meet this darling. Actually it was nice to have "fresh air" than be in bed all day, so I am very thankful for some time outside. Met her and we walked to some unknown location. Halfway, she stopped in her tracks and said, "Let me see your nails!" 

This woman wanted to bring me go for a classic manicure but she didn't know I had one last Sunday. Hahah then she started complaining how I didn't mention this when I mentioned waxing and eyebrows etc. Hahah, super funny. Nak surprise keen surprise balik!

Initially she wanted to book the bridal spa for me with Spa By Nofasarie but they had hiccups which she was unhappy about so she scrapped the whole idea. But to me, those little thoughts meant a whole lot to me. I am very lucky to have this woman sey!

lipgl0ss by dyana
who just opened her very own shop at 57 Aliwal Street.

Then we had lunch,

We both had the same thing which just shows #JodohKitaKuat0334.

Came home, and slept some more. Now everyone is out partying while I am at home, all ready to sleep after popping my yellow pill (thanks again Shiqs) and my other half is also at home, ready to sleep after cough medication.

Happy New Year all. My last one as a single girl before I embark my marriage life that I am looking forward. You know what's the best part about getting married? 

My friends are always messaging me and asking me if I need help, and how excited they are for my wedding. Then I get to say to random strangers, "I am getting married this weekend." Just like the shop aunty who asked me what's my plan for new year's eve, and I am, "I am resting to get well for my wedding this Saturday." You don't get to say it often, and to those future brides-to-be, you will have this amazing and warm feeling when you get to say those words.

I am truly blessed in 2013 and 2014, but 2015 will be one of those years I will remember for the rest of my life. THREE days to be a MRS.


Thursday, 1st January (technically 2nd), 0343

My darling cousin, Kak E, who has been counting down randomly. She checks on me like almost every day to check if I am feeling nervous etc. Actually all my cousins and friends have been. Super blessed eh?

So I was super excited for my inai because people always complain about the back aches and minyak kapak, they are right!

My girls came down to have henna done/ teman me. Heh. Nadya came at 3.30pm and we started at 4pm. I shall not go in details because you know I will thank her personally in one of my posts, so this is my final outcome:


And I left the rest up to Nadya what she wanted to do. She did quite a number of people, I am amazed she didn't pengsan after finishing the last one close to 11pm.

AMAZEBALLS. I took off the inai at 3am? So I had it on for 10 hours! Hahah, I was up alone because everyone was too tired and started watching love stories. Then nangis sorang-sorang. Hahah!


Friday, 2nd January, 2333

Woke up and realised, hey! Besok kahwin leh. The best friend came over in the afternoon to go over the itinerary again, and edited some details. Thanks man! And thanks to him sticking to hotel line, he managed to book the girls room (which will be the room Baobei and I are going back after the wedding) to a 2 bedroom suite instead of the 1 bedroom. WHOOP!

Then in the evening, my mom side came over for doa selamat but more importantly, just to meriahkan the atmosphere. So much love for family. Heh.

I still can't believe I am getting married tomorrow. Just February 2014 we started booking things and stuff, and now? We are getting married tomorrow.

Yes, tomorrow.

Tonight I get to sleep with Mak. Tomorrow my husband, In Shaa Allah.

Saturday, 3RD JANUARY, 0950

xo, RR.

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  1. Looking forward on your on going post.....

  2. Hello dear, may i know how much did you spent to get ur ring customised at fairy inc...??^^

    1. Hey babe, I will be blogging about Fairy's Inc in the next few posts. You can keep a lookout on that okay?