April 13, 2014

The messy kind of aftermath...

This was back in late Feb 2013. I was busy at work, while Baobei just came back from duty. I was a few days away from meeting his immediate and extended family because of his nephew's cukur rambut. I know for the fact that I made it known to him the first time I knew him back in 2012 that I want to settle down by 2015, and on his side, I will be the first girl he will bring home to meet his world and go for family events.  

Just a few weeks back when I was over at his place, and he was showering. I was sitting in the living room and his dad was telling me how in 2012 he was telling Syahrul that he has reached the age where he has to think about settling down and if he has someone, he can bring her home. And then, he brought me home.

Now a year and 4 months forward, we are here together. Almost 2 months of being engaged, and 8 months ish to our big day. How time flies isn't it?

Anyway, thank you for whoever shared my post about my thoughts about Hantaran. I got an amazing 700ish views that day itself, so yay! I am so humbled and happier to know that there are people in the world who share the same sentiments with me.

I will be pretty busy for the next 5 weeks. I have two assignments, one due today and another due on Wednesday. 4 examinations to study for. Kids exams to prepare for. Baobei will be having audit the next two days then his IPPT so less us-time. I can't wait for the end of May to come so I can be a bridezilla with the wedding preparations to be full-blown. Plus, we have Hari Raya to look forward to. Woah.

Before I know it, we will be in Bali and Gilli Trawangan with our close friends aka the orang kuats of our wedding for 6 days. Then it will be the last kopek wedding preparations. 

Oh so many things. Sigh. 

Thank goodness we had a weekend away at Baobei's best friend's place as a 'family'. So nice to have these boys company, as always. 

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