April 21, 2014

Yourtea, Tiny Tea Teatox (1)

Remember my pregnant girlfriend? Well, a few months back she was telling me that after trying and still not pregnant, her colleague suggested her to start drinking Fertility Tea from yourtea. Her colleague has been drinking Tiny Tea Teatox and saw some changes. Well, to cut the story short before my pregnant girlfriend can order the fertility tea, she got pregnant! Haha! Maybe the intention should be there lah! But whatever, I am so excited to show her on my blog after she hits the second trimester.

Moving on, I went to yourtea's website and these things are not cheap at all please. I went there with intention to get for Kakak and my cousin, Kak E, who are married and trying for a baby. I know that these are God's gifts and I still believe in that. But there's no harm in getting something to get their body more ready to conceive right? So 2 boxes of fertility in the cart.

Then I asked my girlfriends if they are interested to get Tiny Tea Teatox and share shipping. Some of them are already on Skinnytea (go ahead, google) and I had two girlfriends & a colleague who wanted the 28-day trial. I hesitated to get 28 days, 14 days okay what. But my girlfriend, Mas, said "Tak load ah 14 days." Haha, okay let's go. We took the express shipping and I am so happy with their service! They are constantly updating you on the location of your package (which comes from their HK store).

The pretty box it comes in. You can actually smell the tea bags from outside the box!

The tea bag covers are pink!!!

Your welcome message (click to read).

The overall look.

The front side of the teabag.

The backside (haha) of the teabag.

How it looks on the inside.


It is recommended to drink the tea with honey for those who think the smell is overpowering. And why honey? Honey has the best kind of benefits for our health (go ahead, google). I have been having warm honey water every morning for the past few weeks, and my face has sudden breakouts. This is not a side effect or a poor effect but this is the honey doing its job and clearing your whole system!

Okay, so why yourtea Tiny Tea Teatox
  • Decreases bloating
  • Clears the skin
  • Gives you energy
  • Weight loss
  • P M S (haha, I am sure Baobei will be thankful for this one right here!)
You may read more on their website here

Today is my Day 1 of Tiny Tea Teatox and I am already looking forward to the 56th day. I am not looking at weight loss because I don't need that. I like the idea of less bloating, PMS and clearer skin. Oh, any extra energy will definitely be a bonus.

On top of taking this, I am also going to start eating better and 1 liter of fluids at work daily. I am also going to start back my half squads daily. I just need to get rid of the thunderous thighs, that's all. Who knows I will be motivated to start jogging too.

///Side track: I am still finding for a more suited facial wash for myself. Any recommendations? My cousin, Kak Ada, recommended to see a skin doctor because they might be able to help than a facial therapist, so that might go on the list.

I will keep you posted of my journey here on every 7 days, if time permits on my side. Meanwhile, I am looking forward to being tiny. If after the 14th day mark still not tiny, I am going to telan with the teabag sekali. Hahaha.  Mesti berbaloi. Meaning I will swallow with the teabag also then effective ah.

I will order if this is good back in June, so if you're keen we can order together and meet up for a healthier coffee kind of date. I would love to meet you girlies, bride to be or not. Well, just a thought.

4 xoxo's:

  1. For facial, you may want to try Michael Todd products. To me, it's goooooood :)

    1. Is it? In Shaa Allah I will try it. Thanks for the suggestion XO

  2. babe!! i read about this teatox too! and i wanted to get it to get rid of my extremely bloated tummy. haha! does it taste good??? I had second thoughts on getting it cos of the price and also the taste. Sekali taste like chinese tea, tak tertelan nanti. :p

    1. I haven't found the time to blog proper about this, but I will find the time. However, things for me are positive, even the smell. Heheh. Number 2 entry coming right up.