June 29, 2014

The one where there's just too many happening at once & cèlfies...

Do you know how troublesome it is to take such a perfect cèlfie?

First there is the "I-tie-up-my-annoying-hair-while-I-didnt-notice-my-top-is-crumpled"

Then there's the realisation "hair-up-makes-my-face-round-so-lets-go-but-the-top-still"

Then it hit me the "your-top-RR"

(Yah, I am happy how long my hair is now!)

So dah, I just wanted to post my many célfies because I only posted one on my IG. But yeah, the effort for just one perfect selfie but Baobei got everything lah hor. Even the smelly ones I give him. I was just having a good hair day (actually awhile lah because after that, it was no longer the well behaved hair but a mane when I was out) and I put on falshies! 

I slept pretty late last night and I only have one person to blame: Baobei.

Okay the reason being is that I was on TWB's IG and I saw the latest baju of theirs!

Then I was showing Baobei the red with grey baju from their latest collection and I told him that it looks really gorgeous, then here's what my darling said to me" You know, we can take another baju from them since we are doing a post photoshoot the next day." Before I can jump for joy because you all know right how I want to wear all of Katt's baju, Baobei has one condition: 

We must not spend so much time changing to outfits as our event is 5 hours and meant for close family members and friends only. So we must mingle with our guests and not disappear.

Which of course makes sense lah. So then he said we need to plan a proper wedding itinerary with timing to make sure we have time for 3 baju total (nikah, outfit 1 and outfit 2). If the time is too short, then we will only be taking one baju from TWB as planned originally.  (Which reminds me why I need to blog about Gurame.)

Then Baobei went to sleep, and I was on my inspiration board on Pintrest. Hehe, and got so excited. But haven't dream of a wedding with 3 bajus yet lah, which I know it is a matter of time I am dreaming of our wedding again haha!

So our next 2 major appointments will be in November, which I am super psyched for! June is already coming to an end, which means Hello Term 3. I am already looking forward to Youth Day school holiday (hehe). 

Anyway to my Muslim friends, Ramadan Mubarak. May we find the inner peace and be blessed with everything good Allah has to offer us. May we find our happiness and not be obsessed with other people's happiness because Allah itu adil. I know I always pray for people to forget my happiness and be blessed with the same kind of happiness I get.

This year's bulan Ramadan as a fiancé and fiancée, and I pray that we will be better people for each other. In Shaa Allah, amin.


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  1. Katt can change you within half an hour!