July 21, 2014

The one where the week unfolds...

After the last entry about the 5YearPlan, these two girls gave me their 'support/blessings' which made the whole excitement-anxiety about it, better. One is Fiqah who I met through social media (and linked in all kinds available) andd we have instant "chemistry", while the other is my sweetheart Sheril aka one of my bridesmaids. I have not been able to talk about anything else apart from 5YearPlan. OBST is not making things better, instead he is researching with us. The mad love and support we get, so blessed!

So moving on, had an iftar session with my fabbret online girls.

We had Siam Kitchen for iftar, and so glad we finally meet up! I usually end the night with my heart so light and so much love. This one isn't any different. It was almost 1030pm and we were still at Mac Cafe, talking about everything under the sun. Heh. It is so nice to know strangers who become part of your lives. And so happy how each of them are coping, since 3 of us are BTBs while one more... well let's say very happy. Truly blessed for this bunch!

Saturday was about the staycay for babygirl's 24th! Again took "off" for the second half of my Saturday to spend some lovin' time with the birthday girl and the sayang. Hahah, okay Izza and Ally. Both also my bridesmaids. Anyway, we picked Amara for their "infinity pool" but the best part was trying to inflate this baby:

Izza got it while she was in States, and blowing it was not even funny okay. Hahah, we took turns but ultimately Ally was doing all the work! We spend the whole afternoon there until it was time for us to get ready for dinner at Ivy.

With the girls who stole my heart back in Primary 1. HAHAHA.

Okay food at Ivy sucked. It was mad expensive (almost $50 for main course) and the portion didn't match the price. The lighting sucks, thus no pictures. So anyway, I wouldn't go back there despite the service recovery when we complained about the food. Either French food is not my thing, or this is not French. Je m'appelle Renny hahaha. 

Too many failed shots, but this is my fabbret still.

Happy 42nd dear baby Izza!

So Sunday checked out, Baobei fetched me back to Serangoon home. We pretty much feel asleep before our day trip to JB. To find Baobei's songkok and cappal. This year he has no baju with his family but one with me!!! Total we have 2 baju together already.  But of course, we had a big iftar before.

We had like 4-5 more stuffs that came much later, but yay! Sushi again after our first one. Back in 2013, on the very first date (not included 2012 hahah) we had Sakae Sushi. It was one of the best dates ever (okay to be fair, I love dates with him, so ummm Baobei? Don't stop bringing me out on dates even though we become parents of 10. We have OBST to jaga our kids hahah), because we watched movie afterwards and I gave him a kiss on the cheek! Then I drew on his hand with my liquid eyeliner while he was smoking with the other hand. He told me that Ibu-Baobei checked his hand the next day to see if the picture on my IG matches her son's hand.

and of course it did.

They say from the day you decide to nikah up til your nikah day, it will not be easy, and it has not been easy but I have a man who loves and assures me so much, and family and friends who never stop giving their blessings! So thank you!!!

Baobei's birthday is coming up, so I am looking forward to that!!! Second birthday with him! Hehe only this year no surprise party but we can do late surprise during our honeymoon okay? (inserts smug face). 


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