December 22, 2014

The one where I shift...

Since the plan is to stay with our parents until we get our own place, we have started shifting beds/cupboards/clothes. Baobei has not painted his room for the longest time ever, so we decided a face lift is what we need.

Baobei wanted "earth" colours but eventually decided on 2 shades of grey and scarlet pink, which is very unusual of him haha. He was all "It's okay B you don't need to help. I will be staying up until 6am to do it,"yeee banyak until 6am. When I dropby after tea with my NIE friends, Ibu-Baobei was already helping him to paint because she says he is too slow.

Baobei was like, "How do people do this as a job?" and he said "B, our house we just get people to paint ok?" It costs 1.2k to paint the whole house but he says it is worth the money. I was telling him Bangla bawah block actually can do it at a much cheaper price. Hahah, this will be a discussion when we have on our place (which another viewing this week!).

So after 2 days of painting, we are done. Now left to bring my things over, which is not much since we are going back on weekends and school holidays. The more pressing issues is to make space for him at Serangoon. HAHA. My room is tiny but I know it will be cosy.


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