December 3, 2014

The one with the Sambal Goreng Pengantin...

We made our 3 out of 4 deposits with Gurame, which only means that the wedding is just around the corner. This deposit sucked out money dry because it was 60% of the whole cost. Anyway Gurame's policy for food tasting is up to 10 people only, and this is inclusive of the package price we paid (which means we don't have to pay for this).

Since we are paying for every single thing in this wedding, and refused to accept any forms of "sponsor" because

We are the ones who are getting married, so we should pay for our wedding. Don't menyusahkan other people because you want to get married. After all, you should be ready which includes ready financially,

therefore our parents have given us the liberty to tailor our wedding according to us. But we thought, it will be great to have the parents' contribute their opinion on this. So we have Baobei's parents, mine, Mak (my grandmother), Dok (MOH) and ABst/Wan (Bestman).

The final list has to include: 1 staple, 4 mains, 2 desserts and 1 drink (apart from coffee, tea and plain water).

We pick this for food tasting:
- Nasi Kuning (S)
- Ayam Masak Merah (M) *
- Ayam Bakar (M) *
- Sambal Goreng Pengantin (M) *
- Rendang Sapi (M) *
- Ikan Asam Manis (M) *
- Ikan Goreng Pecel (M)
- Sop Buntut (M)
- Acar Nenas (Appetiser)
- Pulut Hitam (D) *
- Bubur Terigu (D)

*what we chose in the end

I am not going to say much but this is truly Gurame standard. My absolute fabbret has to be the Rendang Sapi so I have reminded Dok to ensure there is quite a fair bit of that on our table when it comes to our time to eat. Heh. So our guests, you're in for a treat at our wedding!!!

Anyway, I am mad impressed at the serving at Gurame. It is like as if we ordered a feast but actually we are there for food tasting. We actually couldn't decide if we want half nasi minyak and half white rice but after much debate, we decided on just white rice. Reason being, the main dishes are "strong" thus with nasi minyak, you will not get to taste the full flavour. Baobei liked the Ikan Goreng Pecel's sambal but it is somewhat similar to Ikan Asam Manis (fancy name for sweet and sour fish haha) so we didn't choose that (sorry baby but we can always come back to makan here ok).

This was our hungry faces because I insisted to take picture before eating haha. I am such an evil person but hey! it was with intention to put on blog.

So while waiting for dessert (they couldn't make the Bubur Terigu in time, sorry Mama), they decided to take photos at the dais. Ye lah, semua tak sabar kan? Heh.

My Chinese grandmother and 1/2 Chinese Mama. That is why their skin so white unlike mine! *cries*

This is the backdrop of the dais.
This is pretty at night, but such a pity because from 5-630pm when we are there, the backdrop of the sea would have been so, so perfect. But we have to think that we will be there until 10pm. We wanted them to pasang the dais up when we change to our sanding outfit, but Keith says that it is tak manis to be setting up when guests are around. So in the end, we are having this as our background throughout the whole nikah and wedding.

So what if it by default by Gurame. The best part is a lot of couples choose to engage outside decor and this dais isn't used as often as you think. And we get to save so much more!

Whenever I go out with the 2 best friends, I will get so annoyed at how sometimes they behave. Haha, some days these 2 just don't grow up and they bully me. But ABst (Always best friend, sometimes tak), has become an important person in my life (unfortunately hahaha)

And yes, we are all addicted to Running Man.

I am truly blessed to have such nice in-laws. I heard so many stories about monster in-laws, but mine are truly Godsend. I am close to Ibu-Baobei, because this boy always tells me things but very selective to Ibu-Baobei so she will call me up to ask me things. He can be seating beside me but Ibu-Baobei will ask me how he is coping with his job. I guess I am lucky that this boy opens up to me.

Pretty, pretty dais. Sigh.
Though I don't fancy flowers at all, but this one is an exception! But dear invited guests, if you want to drag us and take picture with the beach/sea backdrop, please feel free to drag us to tepi laut okay.

Okay, today's entry a bit late (cannot run from janji melayu haha) and a bit subtle (no strong opinions of mine), but please remember when you blog your thoughts/opinions, you must be responsible for the repercussion, be it good or bad. If you can't accept it, I suggest you keep your thoughts to yourself and not put it for the whole world to judge it (not you, but it). I am pretty straightforward. There are reasons why I think the way I do, and if you disagree you can always say it. But you can also let it die inside of you. Either way, at least you know I am being true to myself.

Til tomorrow's 12pm virtual date.

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